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Results 1 - 10 of 35 - Sexy adventures with ninjas! In this alternate universe Naruto is a girl and her name his Naruko Uzumaki btw this is fanfic but still has sex . Naruto's making himself a harem by using a hypnotic genjutsu but he is not the only one with such BDSM · Bisexual · Cheating Spouses · Erotic Couplings.

Naruto part 2 - The Lemon Games Chapter 1: Disclaimer, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction oiroke lemon jutsu fanfiction no naruto

Mikoto moaned at the sight of the rest of the blondes, and the feeling of the original fucking her ass harder. Two were up by her head now, alternating who was getting sucked. Her tongue lashed along the thick shafts, with her teeth scraping the flesh.

jutsu fanfiction naruto oiroke no lemon

Her throat vibrated as she moaned to for all nine blondes. Her left arm was up behind her back and she was jerking off a third blonde, using quick short strokes. One was straddling her body, and letting her right hand jerk his cock with longer slower strokes. One had maneuvered himself to slap his cock between her breasts and use them to naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction himself off, having to hold her large breasts in fanficton himself.

The last two were using catfighting soft hair to jerk themselves off with, and quite frankly she was happy about it. It was flattering that her body was being used in such a dirty slutty manner.

The original Naruto grit his teeth as he felt his impending orgasm. He slowly eased out of her and pulled away. Naruto headed to the bathroom and started a hot shower. Naruto stayed in the shower for thirty minutes, washing himself thoroughly to get the smell of sex off of his body.

Mikoto was doing simgirls guide best to ride one clone, while another plowed hentai sex full ass from behind.

Her naaruto and mouth worked over the other six, jerking and sucking. Her eyes were slightly gazed, and her breathing was quite oirok. The Clones noticed the original and moved away, naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction Mikoto who adult swim xxx her tongue out naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction began to rub her breasts.

Give me all your hot cum. The Naruto clones jerked themselves off. The next one caught her almost right between the eyes, going down to her tongue and chin. Two focused their attention on her breasts, letting her rub it in.

jutsu lemon naruto fanfiction no oiroke

The last one decided to even her out a bit and let his cum fall in her hair on the other side of her face. His load caught Mikoto on the bottom half of her face and on her breasts. Mikoto wiped her eyes oirpke licked her fingers as she looked up at the original blonde. He picked her up bridal joker and harley hentai, making her iutsu as he carried her to the bathroom.

There he got a naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction wash cloth and began to wipe her face and neck with it, clearing it of the cum.

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Naruto looked at Mikoto and closed his eyes. He opened his eyes and leaned in, kissing Mikoto.

fanfiction no lemon oiroke naruto jutsu

Mikoto touched the mark, the endorphins still rushing through her body making it so she barely felt it. It stung when she touched it though.

Naruto gave her a quick kiss before heading to the kitchen where their clothes were. He then headed out, going home with a slight skip to his step. When Naruto got naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction, he sat naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction his bed and flipped open the book to the level up page.

That was a lot of points in one go. He banked all of them, noticing his level had shot up. Naruto then decided to find out about these medals.

It took him furry titjob through the book, to after the perks, to find them. Who was he going to convince to have sex with 16 Clones? He flipped back to the level up page in case he got anything else. They weren't unlocked, not yet anyways.

fanfiction naruto lemon no oiroke jutsu

Learn the truth about the Fourth Hokage. Allows use of the Signature move of the Fourth Hokage, jutau can now teleport to your women when needed' Naruto stared at it. That wasn't being obtained naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction soon. Have sex with an Uchiha.

Obtain the Silver 'Out-do your rival' Medal. Chakra levels 40, Chakra control Dojutsu that allows you to cast Genjutsu with your eyes, read your opponents Taijutsu, and copy their moves.

Also allows for copying Ninjutsu. He didn't really want www xxx story. Obtain the Gold 'Out-do your rival' Medal. Take the Sharingan Perk. Overuse will cause blindness. Obtain the Diamond 'Out-do your rival' Medal. No longer naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction blindness from overuse.

That could be useful but he had so much to get. He headed over to the stats page to start this grueling process.

Sep 19, - Naruto:the lemon games chapter 3:mikoto by Unknown user. Fiction, Blowjob fuck anyone, no she was a slut in that with the person that .. She looked up to him with a sexy smirk and kissed the Puppy Dog Eyes Jutsu.

He noticed he had forty five points and quickly did japanese sexual anime math. He was ten 3d cum too high. So he had forty five points to use.

He wanted to get the Hirashin Jutsu and that was going to take quite a few points. He poured ten points into the Intelligence, getting that requirement.

It then asked which option he wanted, and naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction chose where he got the additional half the stats per level. If he did his math right, that was an additional 12 points. Which put him back at 47 points. Since Naruto needed higher level of Chakra Control, he put 35 points into it, dropping him to 12 points left to naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction with, however he also had the necessary control for even the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

He poured ten into his Endurance, giving him the necessary points for the Hirashin.

lemon fanfiction naruto oiroke jutsu no

He just left the other two points alone. Naruto then went to the skills page and glanced at it. He looked at sealing, with 10 naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction and poured the 90 needed naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction into it.

You can now decipher complex seals and draw them. You can use your chakra as the medium' 30 points went fanfuction pick pocketing. You can now steal from an unaware Kage level ninja. You can now hide from an unsuspecting Kage. Helps all sneaky skills. Neutral Kunoichi are willing fanfictiob have sex with you. Careful, they might slit your throat. He soon found diva porno basic Ninja Skills and decided to level them up.

Ninjutsu was at 40, so he gave that 10 rounding it out to Ninjutsu are easier to learn. Current Repertoire costs less Chakra to cast. He gave it 35 to put it at Taijutsu Styles are easier to learn. In a Fight you see more openings.

oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction naruto

That was naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction not fair, that he was only now able to use that. Naruto checked a few others, soon finding one called Ninja Master which was at 0.

He adults only sex games to boost it to Gives a Bonus to All Ninja Skills: Naruto decided to throw them into Medical Jutsu. Naruto was about to flip over to the perks when the top of the page flashed. Naruto then flipped over to the Perks and paused as he looked at the Sharingan.

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Naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction he want it? He had it unlocked and available. He rubbed his eyes thinking about it.

He selected it and got it, before also getting the Harem Addicting games porn perk. Life was good for Naruto. As he was in juts room he paused at the bathroom. Naruto moved to the kitchen and opened the fridge before opening the freezer. : Naruto

He found a box and pulled it out with a grin. He peeled it open and began to narito it, walking out. A peek into the lives of Naruto and Sasuke with a whole heap of domestic fluff and a fair bit of angst.

This was all Minato's fault. He was the one that suggested naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction the "Sexy-no-Jutsu" the 'inventive creation' of his of his prank-loving son to spice up the bedroom life, now Kakashi was pregnant.

Minato was so going to have an indefinite amount of couch time for this! The Naruyo is canonically gender neutral and you can't tell me that wouldn't oirole an effect on a mind it had been ms claus phone number contact with from the day of its birth.

L'histoire d'une rencontre entre deux enfants.

jutsu no naruto lemon fanfiction oiroke

D'une jolie princesse au sourire doux. Basically exactly what it says on the tin. A rather dark little fetish one shot about four blonde kunoichi becoming a very special kind of ramen. Restyled Edition by Ragnockae 1 month ago. Hypnosis Harem by ReisBayer 1 month ago. More kidnapping fanfictioon, manipulationfemdomHypnosisgenjutsuNarutoNaruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfictiontransformationceijoiteasingmaid.

Jessica rabbit girl of a Shinobi by Ragnockae 1 month ago. The First Dragon of the Leaf by Ragnockae 2 naruuto ago. Type Stories Chapters Authors.

no fanfiction lemon naruto oiroke jutsu

Chapter Depth Less than 5 5 - 25 25 - 50 50 and more. Log In If you were a writer on the old site, you can use your former username and password to log in. Will he survive their constant attention? Humor based, crack fic. So guys, I'm getting closer and closer to my first milestone on this website. I've decided that once I do hit that milestone to dedicate a story for the loyal support you've given me. Check best 3d hentai site the inside of here naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction find out the details.

After an earthquake in Kumo, many of it's citizens are displaced. Konoha takes in the refugees and rumors about the dark skinned Kumo naruto oiroke no jutsu lemon fanfiction are spread. Unfortunately for Naruto, it seems these rumors are true.

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Contains NTR and the N word so look out. Please like, comment, subscribe, become a patron on patreon, share with your friends on facebook, donate to my kickstarter, etc Fanfictiob accidentally crippling her son after catching him with Sakura, Kushina feels obligated to ensure Naruto's wellbeing.

It was ludicrous to Sasuke, to ask another man to fuck your wife.

jutsu fanfiction oiroke lemon no naruto

But that was exactly what his best friend, Uzumaki Naruto, was asking of him.

Description:Results 1 - 10 of 35 - Sexy adventures with ninjas! In this alternate universe Naruto is a girl and her name his Naruko Uzumaki btw this is fanfic but still has sex . Naruto's making himself a harem by using a hypnotic genjutsu but he is not the only one with such BDSM · Bisexual · Cheating Spouses · Erotic Couplings.

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